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Instructions: Ordering Online (BOGO/ FREEBIE Instructions)

Instructions: Ordering Online (BOGO/ FREEBIE Instructions)


The purpose of this article is to go over the process of placing an order on our website, and how to make sure you receive your Free Gift.

Occasionally when we have promotions that involve giving away Free Gifts or Buy One Get One (BOGO), it is possible for the order to be placed incorrectly, leading to a slight disappointment on delivery day when an expected item is missing. While we don't mind fixing any issues our customers may have with their orders, we're hoping this article will clear up some common mistakes people may be making.


The main thing customers should know about the ordering process is:

The items that you see in your Cart on the Checkout page are EXACTLY what you will receive in your order.


If a promotion has promised you a Free Gift, or a BOGO, then you will see the gift you selected along with your other items one the checkout page.

If you do not see your free gift here, then it will not be included in your order. We do not monitor every order that goes out for shipping, so we have no way of knowing whether the customer has input their order correctly, or not. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure all the items they expect to receive are listed correctly during checkout.

Mistura Beauty - Checkout Page - How To Order Example
As you can see in the example above, all discounts and free items are shown at the Checkout Stage.




Ordering Step-by-Step

1. Select Your Items

Mistura Beauty - Free Gifts and Promotion labels - How to Order
Find an item that has a relevant offer, and add it to your cart.
When you meet the requirements for an offer, you should be presented with a choice (next step).

2. Choose Your Gift

Mistura Beauty - Choosing a gift - How to order

This is an example of the Popup that should appear once you've met the requirements for an offer.

You are given the option to:

  1. Choose any of the items displayed by clicking "Select Free Gift"
  2. Refuse a free gift by selecting "No Thanks"
This is likely the step in which most errors occur. If you fail to make a choice at all, there is a default choice that should be selected (in the example above it would be the Brush). However, when customer's presume their gift is missing, it is possible that they accidentally clicked the "No Thanks" button, or their was an error due to the web browser. (If you don't know to expect a popup, it is understandable that this step might get missed)


3. View Your Cart

Mistura Beauty - Cart page with gift chosen - how to order

On the Cart page you should be able to see a list of ALL the discounts and free gifts you've obtained from all over the site. Enter Discount Codes on this page.

If you wanted to change your choice of free gift, this is where you do that. Simply click on the name of the item under "Free Gift" and the Gift Selection Popup should reappear and you can choose again.

Note: Your Free Gift is NOT yet displayed with your other item choices. It is still only displayed with the discounts above the Cart on the Cart Page.

This is also the page where you should apply any Discount Code you may have. If you apply it on the Cart page, you can combine it with other offers. (Do not input a code on the Checkout page or it will override all other discounts)

If the selected items and the applied discounts/promotions look right, then you can proceed to the final step, the Checkout Page.


4. Confirm items at Checkout

Mistura Beauty - checkout page with free gift - how to order


Note: Now is when you will see all of the items in your order together; gifts included. 

On the checkout page, this is where you can see exactly what you will be receiving in your order, and the relevant discounts for each item. 

As previously mentioned, we will not monitor orders to make sure "2 for 1" specials are applied and free gifts are chosen. If you do not see an item listed at this point on the checkout page, it will not be included in your order. 

Again, DO NOT input any Discount Codes on this page or it will override all other discounts. If you have a Discount Code to apply to your order, you should go back and do so on the Cart page, and it will be combined with your other offers.

If the listed items are correct, you can proceed to fill out your payment information and complete your order. 

If there is a mistake, do not proceed yet. Go back and try re-adding the items or fix the problem so that the items you expect to receive EXACTLY match the items listed at Checkout. 



Troubleshooting and Common Issues


The easiest solution to 99% of the issues is to either just re-place the order, or try placing the order in a different browser. 

Although these features have been tested to work in most web browsers, sometimes certain settings or browsing history can cause errors. Instead of diagnosing the exact problem, it is often easier to just place the order from a new Private Window (Ctrl + Shift + N or Cmd + Shift + N) or a different browser altogether should the problem persist.


What happens if I don't see the popup to choose a gift?

This should happen once you meet the requirements for that gift. If it does not, there are two things you can try.  

First, you can try to remove those items or empty your cart completely and then re-add them to see if it gets prompted properly the second time. If that doesn't work, then you should try a different browser, or maybe just a new Private window.


What if some items are missing from my order on the checkout page?

If you are missing Free Gifts, or discounts by the time you're at the Checkout Page, do not proceed. 

Try re-adding the items or emptying your cart completely to see if the discounts are prompted properly a second time around. If not then try placing the order from a different browser or new Private window. 

If the order is still displaying incorrectly, then it is best for you to contact us. Tell us what you are trying to order and we can put the order together for you before you pay. It is much easier and environmentally friendly to deal with this before payment instead of trying to reship missing items afterwards.


What do I do if I realize my order was wrong after I've already paid?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to rectify the issue. 

However as of the date that this article was published, the responsibility to ensure the correctness of orders will fall on the customer. Customers will not be entitled to free re-shipping of items they forgot to include (unless we deem it justified). 

That being said, even if we can't justify reshipping missing items, we may be able to extend an offer of equal value. Nobody has to miss out on a promotion due to a simple mistake.


What is a Private Window?

A Private Window in your web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) is like any new Window, except that all browsing history, cookies, and temporary files have been ignored, giving you a fresh browser to access the net with. 

If you are having trouble with a feature or accessing something online. Oftentimes simply accessing it with a Private Window will get you around many common problems.


how to open private window - brave browser


In most Web Browsers, you can open a New (Private) Window by clicking the hamburger menu where you access settings and clicking "New private window".

Alternatively, most browsers use the shortcut:

CTRL + SHIFT + N (Windows)
CMD + SHIFT + N (Mac)


How do I reset my cart / clear website data (advanced)?

This process will walk you through how to clear your website data, including cookies and temporary files, that may be causing issues with the website functionality. This process will also reset your cart to empty and log you out of the site (if logged in). 

If you don't feel comfortable executing this procedure, you can always just use a Private window. It will essentially serve an identical purpose when troubleshooting these problems. 

This process will look slightly different in each browser, but it should be roughly the same steps.


how to clear site data


In most browsers, there should be an icon to the left of the URL field, usually a lock on most common sites. 

Click this icon, and then click on "Site Settings". 

This may bring you to a settings page or a popup, but it should list all the website permissions or usage info.


clear browser data button - brave browser


Here you can press the "Clear Data" button. (Don't worry, it will only clear the data for this website, you will remain logged into all other sites). 

You might receive a warning message like this: 


clear data confirmation - brave browser


At this point you should be finished. You can return to the tab with the Mistura website and when you Refresh (F5), your cart should be empty and all discounts reset. Try your order again and hopefully the discounts and free gift prompts should work as expected. 


Have a question that's not listed here? Email us.
Perhaps we can add the answer for future reference.

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