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Video Call Beauty Tips- How to look fabulous on Video

How to look fabulous and look your best on your next video call


Virtual meetings, calls, and remote hangouts are now more than ever more popular due to COVID-19 and are becoming a new norm whether for work or to catch up with your friends and family. Although you may believe that you can sacrifice your beauty routine“because nobody will see (you), that is actually not the case when it comes to looking great on a webcam! A webcam is a great tool to stay in touch, but also tends to accentuate and magnify all of the flaws it finds. From tidying up your room to proper skin care, there are lots to consider to make yourself look glowingly beautiful on camera. 


5 Ways To Look Your Best During Your Next Video Call!

 Here are some ways to continue to look just as fabulous as you usually are even when you’re self-isolating and slouching on your sofa while sipping on your fabulous quarantinis!



Find The Right Lighting!

Bad Lighting will easily make you look as unflattering as you can possibly look.  Shadow will be magnified and will simply make you look tired or sick.. 

Make sure you’ve got enough light in front of you, ideally natural light from a window (or outside). Making sure that your lighting is properly thought out will ensure that your skin will look glowing and bright. It will make you look like you had an airbrush finish, make your eyes pop and make you look fabulous on camera!


Try To Avoid Low Angles!

This is a classic tip  for looking great when you use your selfie cam. Rule number one of using the front-facing camera on your phone is to keep your camera at eye level or higher. This helps you prevent looking like you have a new double chin and ensures that nobody  has to see inside your nostrils !

Practice Speaking In Front Of Your Camera/ Mirror


When someone starts to use video calls and their webcams, one of the most often forgotten things is that they don’t look in their cameras at all! Don’t forget that you're on camera and need to look at them from time to time. Maintaining the appropriate amount of “eye contact” is crucial when done virtually too! To get comfortable with this, practice speaking in front of your camera or a mirror. Not only will this help your confidence when speaking through a webcam, this confidence will also make you look like you know what you’re doing and will avoid any awkward, embarrassing, or technical difficulties!


Clean Your Room/ Declutter Your Background!

Some of you may not enjoy this idea but don’t forget to clean your rooms! Looking beautiful during these days of social distancing is awesome but don’t let a messy background steal the show away from your incredible ‘Visage’! 


It’s great to put in all this work to look stunning but it’s probably better to be safe than sorry. People are judgmental. Its human nature.  Don’t let messy rooms or clutter define who you are as a person. Clean up or pick a better environment for your video call :)


Maintain Your Beauty & Skincare Routine

Oily skin, blemishes, chapped skin, redness, eye bags, and all of the visible flaws you can think of getting magnified on camera. Just as is the case before this current COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s important to maintain your beauty routine during these days of self-isolation and quarantine. Your beauty routine is an essential part to your day too. Maintaining your normal daily habits helps you look great and also helps you  feel great by creating a sense of balance and normalcy!

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