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Simplify Your Beauty Routine With These 2 Canadian Beauty Products!

Simplify Beauty and you'll be sure to be as happy as this lady wearing Mistura Beauty's 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact!

Simplify Your Beauty Ritual With These 2 Canadian Beauty Products!

Mistura Beauty Products wanted to highlight two beauty secrets of which all Canadians should be aware. We would like to first showcase a friend of ours, Remay and their incredible Shave Gel Bar! Then, we will feature our 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact, our flagship product that brought us to fame!

These are both products and brands that have radically transformed the way Canadians from coast to coast think about their daily beauty and wellness practices. They both aim to totally simplify your tedious routines while helping make you feel like your normal and usual self… Just the time savings alone is mind-boggling!

Simplify Shaving with Remay Shave Gel Bar

The first featured product is Remay’s revolutionary Shave Gel Bar. Remay is a partner of ours and we believe that their concept aligns seamlessly with our flagship 6-in-1 Beauty Solutions Compact! The objective is to get you to say goodbye to your current shaving routine and completely transform your thinking when it comes to shaving!

All you need to do is to wet the bar, glide it over anywhere you would like to shave & simply shave off the hair! That’s it! It basically lets you throw out your shaving cream and your aftershave moisturizing products! The shave bar, while shaving, also moisturizes and protects your skin with coconut oil and tea tree oil.

That’s not the only thing that our flagship products share in common. Not only do they aim to simplify your shaving routine, both brands were founded in Ottawa and our products have also been featured on Dragon’s Den Canada where we both beautifully slayed and conquered some Dragons.

Simplify Beauty with Mistura's 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact!

From busy moms to professionals to essential shoppers, our 6 in 1 Beauty Solution has simplified the beauty routines of Canadians and saved a lot of precious time that is super important to our clients.

The 6-in-1 is long-lasting and suitable for all skin tones. It comes in only 1 shade and it self-adjusts to each person’s individual skin tone and type. Offering moderate coverage, it eliminates the need for foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, lip and eye colour!

Here is a recent Youtube re-upload by CBC Canada of our appearance on Dragons’ Den Canada. 


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