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Review and Testimonial: Beats Boom ! Boom Cosmetics Alternative

Woman ecstatic and happy about Mistura Beauty!

The following features a glowing review by a fan of ours!

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"I was a Mary Kay user for 40 plus years. I am now at the age that I want simplicity but still look nice without weighing my face down with a lot of this or a lot of that. I purchased the Boom trio and was immediately disappointed. My face felt bogged down with just 1 of their products. You can imagine how the combination of 3 felt. It was not for me.

I watched Dragon Den on You Tube and was immediately intrigued. I knew you were onto something the way the Dragon's were reacting. New cosmetics come and go, but you knew Mistura was something special because of the offers. I am not sure why I haven't seen [Mistura before]. Regardless, I now know and will be a customer for life.

I purchased the 6 in 1 kit, C2P complexion corrector, Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer and the light pink raspberry lip gloss was a gift. I am so impressed with all of my items. My face feels wonderful. Here is the best part. You look so well put together.

To start, the moisturizer is amazing. To me this beats Cindy Crawford's melon serum hands down. It feels as nice, if not better. You can accomplish more in this one generous pump bottle than all of her's put together. Plus you don't have to have a membership that sends out products every month regardless. It glides on smooth, feels nice and light on your skin. Other products don't clump up on top of it. It doesn't take a lot, but at this price I am not so worried about that.

The complexion corrector is beautiful on the skin. The only thing that might come close is by Elf, but it is thick where Mistura's is not. My under eyes look really nice. It doesn't look as if you used a ton of concealer, which you really don't with this. I have one little red spot on the side of my nose that really bothers me. Not anymore because it really does conceal it without a splotchy ton of product look.

By all means, purchase the kit. The retractable brush is really nice. It picks up quickly and glides across your face. The 6 in 1 is the best. The coverage is excellent. It really does adjust to your skin tone. The after feel is light but coverage isn't compromised. I personally don't feel put together without powder. This gives me everything I want and need.

Lastly, the lip gloss is really nice. It is not harsh and not to shiny for us older ladies. My lips feel really nice after applying and it last for hours. All in all these are really great products.

I will end with this...try it. If nothing but the 6 in 1 to start. You are worth it. Great products Mistura. You really have changed how makeup should be made. Thank you!"- Mistura Fan

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Tena Slind

I really like my Mistura 6-in-0ne and concealer

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