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My Mistura Routine: How To Use Mistura Beauty

Black and white image of a busy woman applying Mistura Beauty's 6-in-1 Beauty Solution cosmetics.


How To Use Mistura Beauty  

It's a new day. You wake up, look at the bedside table and find out that your partner in crime has gifted you with Mistura Beauty's Luminada, C-2-P Complexion Corrector, 6-in-1 Beauty Solutions Compact,

What a beautiful surprise! 

Now that you have these products to add to your daily routine, you may be wondering how to use them. Maybe you're new to makeup. Maybe you haven't worn makeup in a while.

That's okay!  #BeenThereDoneThat.

No matter your reason, we have got you covered! Continue scrolling below to learn how to apply these products so that you can glow and run your empire!


Step 1: Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer 



My name is Annette and I'm going to talk about this makeup line called Mistura. It's a fabulous line! Even the name sounds kind of mysterious and intriguing. It's got the mist in there~ it's perfect! So I've been using this line for the last couple months and I'm going to use a quite a few of them right here~ there's much more but I'm gonna just show you the basics of what I use!

And we're first off going to start off with this Luminada illuminating moisturizer. Even the packaging looks great. I love it! So I'm gonna just put it on the back of my hand and I'm gonna just rub it on and a couple of spots like this and rub it in an upwards motion~ don't want it to go downwards when we want to go mostly upwards and it's great because it's got this little shimmer to it and it feels really nice and silky smooth. I've been using it for the last little while and you put it on once a day

So I think I've got it I'm just gonna just check to make sure that it's blended everywhere!


Step 2: C-2-P Complexion Corrector 




So this is the concealer. Now as a very young age I've had really dark circles and I've been struggling it with that my whole life, but what I normally do is I put on a concealer and I put it~ some people just put it underneath but I'd put it everywhere so I just dab it everywhere.

so I'm going to just start.. wear like this on both sides. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just a little bit everywhere and then I just put it on in red spots that I may have. And then I'm going to blend it in with a really large eyeshadow brush.

I love this feeling. It's great. It feels smooth, it blends, it covers~ I love the fact that it's in a stick version because you can get concealers in many different ways, but the stick version I love because you don't have to use your fingers. I go over the top I think. I just put it on everywhere I love this stuff and then I just blend it in!

Step 3: 6-in-1 Compact 




We’re gonna use this amazing 6 in 1 compact. It’s got lots of shimmer. Its 6 in 1 because it could be used as a foundation, concealer, a bronzer, a blush, it can be an eye shadow and even a lip enhancer!

So this is  one of my favourite products from line and so I’m gonna use this brush and apply it in an upward motion.

SO everyday use, I would normally put it right here, in my deep part of my jaw line to give myself some dimension. Today maybe I need just a little bit Moree. Now, if you’re going out for dinner or a fancy night out, I would put it on everywhere.

I call this the hot stuff, it makes you instantly beautiful!

This product is amazing because it also blends with any skin types so it doesn’t matter what skin color you have, it blends right in!


Step 4: Vivid Lash HD Mascara 




This is called the vivid lash HD mascara it's so amazing! I've tried many many lines and by far I would call number one the brush is amazing, the formula- I don't know what it is ,it just spreads on your eyelashes evenly and makes them thick so I highly recommend this mascara.

I love it I use it every day, all the time, as much as I can I've been using an eyelash enhancer too but this one really brings it outside.

I’ve been using these other ones too just to compare it just to see and it doesn't even come close so this one is by far the best. it looks natural too so it doesn't look think and chunky so it does give your eyelashes some volume so you can see~ I don't know if you can see~ and just do the other side~ I love this.

Now, I just opened this one too so it takes a few days to get the brush full of mascara product so it just takes a couple of days to soak it up~ and you want to avoid dunking it many times like I see people going like this you don't want to do that because then it just adds a lot of air and it dries it out faster and you also want to change it about every couple months because it can, like any mascara your eyes, carry bacteria.

The Vivid Lash HD Mascara is amazing. I highly recommend it. I've been using it everyday and then if I want to touch up at night I'll just even add more to give it even a more of a full thick this mascara is fantastic

Step 5: Glow and Run your Empire (Final Look)




Natural-looking makeup look doesn't have to be complicated!

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