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What You Can Do To Help Stop The Spread of COVID-19

Just Stay Home! (Featuring Woman in Tub surrounded by rubber ducks)

These Are Unprecedented Times

As many of you already know, Mistura Beauty is available online only, with a select few retail partners, and we do not have any physical walk-in locations. The Mistura Team already works remotely from each other as well and this places us in a unique position where we can continue to serve you and satisfy your beauty needs! 

Rest assured that Mistura Beauty is taking all the necessary precautions as everyone else and urge you to do the same when it comes to enhanced sanitation, social distancing, amongst many other best practices recommended by government health agencies and the WHO.

View the infographic below to see some of the things you should do to help reduce the strain on our healthcare system.

_Do wash your hands often. Do cough into your elbow. And don’t gather in groups of more than 50 people. This is a challenging time for everyone. But by taking these steps and practicing social distancing, we can help



Wash Your Hands Frequently


Although this seems elementary, the number one thing you can do to prevent yourself from getting infected and protecting others is to wash your hands. Throughout the day, even if you’re at home, germs and viruses like to stick to your hands during everyday activities you take for granted like playing the piano, or playing videogames, or even using a doorknob. These germs and viruses on your hands can be transferred when you touch your face, nose, eyes, ears and anything else you touch. That’s why you should wash your hands as often as you can! It’s the best defense against germs and viruses. It's also a beautiful and basic general hygiene tip to have clean hands as well!


Cough (and Sneeze) Into Your Elbow!


In an ideal world, you should cough and sneeze into a tissue while covering your mouth and nose and dispose of it properly into a wastebasket. Obviously, there are times when you don't have one near you or times where it can be unpredictable. Especially when it comes to sneezes. This is when you sneeze into your elbow/ upper sleeves and not into your hands! Remember to wash your hands after coughing or sneezing! Having great cough etiquette will also help tremendously in the fight against COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. 


The best group is a group of 1.

This one varies from one jurisdiction to another. Refer to your appropriate provincial/ state responses, rules and guidelines they have disseminated.


Social Distancing


Hanging out with friends, going for a play date...That is not social distancing! Remember the best group to be in right now is a group of one! Obviously that is hard to enforce in a household so the best thing you can do is limit your contact to household members. If you have to go out of your house for whatever reason, you must maintain a distance of 2metres (6 ft) away from anyone else.


Shop Online


You should be remaining at home as much as possible right now. Treat this pandemic seriously. You can even get groceries and medicine delivered to you nowadays. Only go outside for essential errands and essential activities.


Don’t forget about your favorite small businesses and your favorite makeup brand, that is, Mistura! Just because brick and mortar locations are closed doesn’t mean you can't continue to support your favorite hidden gem of a small business! Most businesses nowadays have online stores where you can buy gift cards or if you’re in luck, will have product available for delivery directly to your door!


Don’t Forget to Your Makeup Brushes


You should already be doing this for sanitary purposes. But make sure to regularly clean your makeup brushes. If you’re too busy to do this, maybe it’s time for a new brush or two!

Don’t Touch Your Face


Do whatever it takes to resist the urge to touch your face. Unless you wash your hands thoroughly first!


Stay Home, Stay Positive & Be Kind to Others!


The best way to protect yourself would be to stay at home!  Do whatever it takes to keep yourself sane during these hard times. Maybe you get to keep yourself busy with work if you’re lucky! If you’re not so lucky, take this time to catch up on your favorite books, videogames, practice different makeup looks, catch up on video tutorials, or even better, catch up and spend time with members of your household!


Stay Informed


Most of us don’t really have much choice now. We all have to stay at home as much as possible. Make sure you put aside some time to stay current with the news. Situations regarding COVID-19 is changing day by day, hour by hour. Make sure you keep up with your local news and government sources. It is everyone’s duty to be aware of this situation. Not knowing is not good enough anymore. No Exceptions

Stay informed on what all levels of government are disseminating across the nation. 



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