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5 Makeup Tips For Older Women in Canada.

5 Makeup Tips For Older Women in Canada. Mistura Beauty Products Ltd.

How Canadian Women Over 50 Can Bring Out Their Natural Beauty

Use cream-based cosmetics and products that automatically adjust to your skin tone and age.

Your skin is your most important feature. That's why we've developed a line of products that automatically adjust to your specific skin tone and age, leaving you with a smooth and radiant complexion.

Our C2P complexion corrector is a natural-looking makeup that automatically adjusts to your skin tone and age. This cream-based formula will cover up imperfections such as pore size, damage from the sun and other causes of uneven skin colour or tone. It perfectly covers rosacea, broken capillaries, age spots, acne scarring, blemishes, and spots!

You can also use our 6-in-1 beauty solutions compact for a more natural look with a unique formula that automatically adjusts to your specific skin tone and age. Our multitasking 6-in-1 compact delivers six benefits in one simple, lightweight product. It’s a foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush and bronzer that adjusts to your specific skin tone—so you can use it alone or with other products.

Wear almost no eyeshadow. It's fine to use a little mascara and eyeliner.

 For women over 50, eye makeup should be kept to a minimum. You should avoid wearing any eyeshadow at all and only use eyeliner and mascara for accentuating your eyes. Only a light swipe using an eye pencil or similar product is necessary. 

One of the most flattering makeup for mature women is eyeliner and mascara. This will help you look less tired and stressed out. Make sure that your foundation colour is not too dark, as it can make you look older and more worn out.

Forget about the brows you had in your twenties. Go with your flow!

Our eyebrows are some of our most defining features, but when you get older, you may notice that they lose some of their shape and definition. Don't try to re-create the brows from when you were in your 20s; simply accept the changes that come with age and go with what you have to give yourself a more beautiful appearance.

As we age, our brow lines get a little less defined. This is completely normal and to be expected. Your eyebrows will still frame your face and give you character, so don't try to regain what you once had no matter how tempting. The best rule of thumb here is not to overdo it with the Eyebrow Pens and adopt a more natural look. If you are getting compliments on your new look, stick with it!

 Choose a lipstick or lip gloss colour that complements your inner lip or gums.

Finding the right lip colour can be tricky, even more so if your lips aren't naturally full. To avoid an unflattering look, try finding a lip colour on your inner lip or gums that matches what you're after—this trick works every time!

If you are 50+ years old, lipstick should be a little lighter than it was when you were younger. If you have naturally darker lips, try to find a tone of lip gloss that matches your inner lip or gums

Moisturize Daily!

 Moisturizers are your best friends if you are a woman over 50. You need to make sure that the face of your skin is well hydrated to keep it from feeling dry, tight or flaky. Moisturizing regularly can also help improve tone and texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

 An Illuminating Moisturizer is a must for any woman over 50. It's the most important anti-aging product you'll have in your beauty regimen. Moisturizers help combat the signs of aging by keeping your skin supple, hydrated and smooth, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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