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The Top 2 Time-Saving Beauty and Personal Care Products!

Busy, professional woman who lacks time and desiring to simplify her beauty routines

The Best Time-Saving Beauty Products and Personal Care Products!

Do you know what's common between busy moms, celebrities and professionals? A lack of time for themselves, their friends, and their families! With a go-go-go lifestyle, what all of these moms, celebrities and beautiful hustlers really desire is more time for themselves. Makes sense right?

Beauty Doesn't Have to Be Complicated Nor Time-Consuming!

Time-Saving Beauty ProductsDon't you hate keeping everyone waiting because of your regular beauty and/or personal care rituals? And on top of that, if you're a busy mom or a professional, the burden of keeping people waiting is even more stressful! Caring for children and running your empire can eat up most of your time and daily and often mundane tasks can turn into a hassle of a lifetime. We at Mistura understand that time and convenience are what you seek!

If you are looking for the best time-saving beauty products, you are in for a treat!

Here Are The Top 2 Best Time-Saving Beauty Products Of All Time!

#1 Time-Saving Beauty Product: Mistura Beauty 6 in 1 Beauty Solution

First up is us, Mistura!

In 2008, Mistura was created in Ottawa, Canada's capital to offer women simply sensational beauty solutions for a simply sensational price.

Mistura Beauty's flagship 6-in-1 Beauty Solution eliminates the need to use foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, lipstick, and eye shadow. The patented formula self-adjusts to all skin types and colors and offers a perfect illuminated finish in seconds. No messy powders, no multiple steps ... no joke! It has gotten multiple seals of approvals from celebrities, busy moms, professionals, and women of all skin tones and types!



#2 Time-Saving Beauty Product: Remay Shave

Also founded in Ottawa, Remay's Glide & Shave gel bars are like shaving cream but more fun and fits in your hand. It also simplifies your shaving ritual regardless of gender!

REMAY Glide & Shave is "designed to be very moisturizing, gentle and convenient for everyday use: shaving in the shower, shaving in the sink, in the bath, travel, keeping your gym bag... They produce a hydrophobic and hydrophillic micro-barrier to protect your skin from your razor."

Check out the video below to see its' time-saving and simplifying impact in action!



 What's your go-to Time-Saving Beauty Product Or Hack?

Moms and hustlers are constantly searching for products and methods that save them time. With lots of tools and products that come in all shapes and sizes, what suits you best depends on your needs and daily rituals.

Click here to learn more about Mistura's 6-in-1 Beauty Solution Compact!

Did we miss a product or is your favourite on the list?  Share this with someone who finds beauty rituals a necessary burden and would love to have more time to themselves!

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