Eyeshadow Brush

    • 🖌 HIGH-QUALITY BRUSH HANDLE - The high-gloss handle is lacquered nine times for maximum durability and ergonomically designed for ease of use.
    • 🖌 CUSTOM MADE FOR MULTIPLE USES - This large eyeshadow brush can be used angled for highlighting the eye crease or used flat for accentuating the eyelid.
    • 🖌 LARGE EYESHADOW BRUSH - Enchanting eyes demand pro-quality brushes. The larger size allows you to diffuse a wash of color over the entire eyelid.
    • 🖌 SYNTHETIC HAIR - Synthetic hairs don't soak up makeup like natural eyeshadow brushes do, so they stay a bit cleaner and are especially good for products you use in higher quantities, like Mistura's 6-in-1.