Vivid Lash HD Mascara

  • 💄 No-Gimmick Classic brush tip, Conditions lashes with Lanolin, Builds lash strength with Collagen, Won't clump!
  • 💄 Free yourself from the trendy adverts for twisted, neon and alien-shaped brushes, The classic, clump-proof and easy-to-use brush tip on the VividLashHD® wand will leave your lashes full, rich looking and conditioned!
  • 💄 The oil-free formula brings every lash into sharp, high-definition focus.
  • 💄 This lash-loving formula and innovative brush are uniquely engineered to lengthen and define even the shortest and thinnest of eyelashes!
  • 💄 Starting at the roots, apply mascara in a wriggling motion. This ensures that there is more volume at the roots, and your lashes don’t feel weighed down. Repeat for the lower lashes!