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The AccuBrow

The AccuBrow by Mistura Beauty is a revolutionary eyebrow pen with a trident-shaped tip to help fill in your brows effortlessly.


You can give yourself professional, yet natural-looking brows with the pens felt tip available in one universally flattering black shade. Like Mistura's other products, the AccuBrow exists to simplify beauty.


No complicated steps, no shade choices, just one easy-to-use “brow saver”.



Accubrow Eyebrow Pen with Trident Tip - Eyes - Mistura Beauty Products
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Universal black Shade * Long-lasting, all-day wear * Trident Tip™ allows for precision feathering * Appears like real hair when applied * Quick-drying * Hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free
AccuBrow eyebrow pen showing Trident tip with cap off. Mistura Beauty
AccuBrow showing universal black shade on paper, cap off, trident tip. by Mistura Beauty