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Nourish base coat

Nourish Base Coat Nourishing and strengthening base with anti-aging action.
Contains: vegetable lipid complex, oxygen carriers, squalene sterols, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins. Cruelty free. Format 15 ml.//////////////Nourish Base Coat is a nourishing and strengthening Faby base with anti-aging action, perfect even in case of damaged and weak nails. An innovative plant lipid complex combined with oxygen technology and a high protein content that help the nail stay young, preventing premature aging./-PROPERTIES OF INGREDIENTS AND BENEFITS:
* Vegetable lipid: nourishes and hydrates the nail, carrying out an effective anti-aging action.
* Oxygen technology: increases oxygen permeability, respecting the natural physiology of the nail.
* Lanolin sterols: preserve the flexibility of the nail.
* Squalene sterols: preserve the flexibility of the nail.
* Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins: strengthen and protect the nail.
* Methionine and cysteine: amino acids important for the formation of keratin, an essential component of the nails.
* Urea: improves the degree of hydration.
* Patented and clinically tested aldehyde against allergies: strengthens the keratin bridges, making the nails more consistent and resistant.
* UV filter: absorbs solar radiation, preventing yellowing and loss of color of the enamel.

Nourishing and strengthening base that preserves the health and beauty of the nails. It creates a non-occlusive layer that restores the natural hydrolipidic film and allows oxygenation of the nail while respecting its natural physiology. Formulated with an aldehyde (restructuring agent) patented and clinically tested against allergies; after 4 weeks of regular use, it makes the nails visibly restructured, stronger and more elastic, to resist breaking and flaking. It protects the nail plate, avoiding stains and discolorations, especially in the case of highly pigmented enamels. It improves the adhesion of the enamel on the nail, extending its duration and reducing the risk of chipping. It helps restore the natural conditions of a post-reconstruction nail, so that it grows strong and healthy.

In the salon and at home: apply a layer of the product on the clean nail before the Faby nail polish. If you want to get a natural but luminous effect, proceed with a second application.

* Choice of the finest raw materials.
* The highest degree of purity of raw materials.
* Formulation control in the laboratory according to Faby standards.
* Created in an uncontaminated and officially authorized location.
* Not tested on animals.
* Flat brush with 400 DuPont fiber bristles.



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