Regular 6-in-1 Beauty kit (PRE-ORDER)

Our flagship kit makes the perfect starter pack to launch your simplified beauty routine! Contains our signature 6-in-1 Beauty Solution® compact and a luxury retractable brush. Long-lasting and ideal for most skin tones and Fragrance-free.
One product…one fabulous result®.
What are the 6 features? 
The 6-in-1 Beauty Solution® is formulated with a unique combination of shades that self-adjusts to most skin tones offering moderate coverage and eliminating the need to use foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, lip and eye color. 
Regular Price: CA$56.99
Directions for use: 
Using the retractable brush, buff a small amount of 6-in-1 Beauty Solution® onto face in a circular motion, starting on the outside of cheekbone and swirling as you go. Continue to blend over forehead, face and nose. Apply liberally to cheeks to achieve desired blush effect. May also be used as an eye shadow and lip colour (when applied on top of our Vitamin E lip balm). Remember: a little goes a long way! 

Due to COVID-19, we are currently out of stock of this product and do not have an estimated restock date. Our manufacturer based in New York State is still shut down due to current unprecedented times..

We are hoping to be restocked by the end of May but cannot promise anything during these uncertain times.

For a limited time only, Pre-order and get 20% OFF

*Pre-order prices will be in effect until May 31st or once we're back in stock, whichever one comes first. After May 31st, there will be a reduction in savings by 5 % until we restock. This means your 20% savings for your 6-in-1 beauty solution compact will become 15% & your 15% savings for the kits will be changed to 10%.

**All ORDERS that feature this product will be fulfilled and shipped when we get the 6 in 1 back in stock.**

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