Visage: Custom Palette (Pre-Order Now!)

How to order Visage and 4 complimentary colors:

1. Add Visage Palette to your cart

2. Add your choice of 4 free colors along with it (from our selection of blush/shadow)

You can add the Visage products in any order; the discount will apply automatically to your cart. 4 free pods

If you pre-order the palette now, you can also choose up to 4 shadow and/or blush to get your kit started at no extra cost. (Add 1 Visage Palette to your cart, and then head over to the "CHOOSE YOUR COLOR" dropdown ).
Products will be shipped on July 15/19, the official release date.

Custom Palette

Mistura Beauty’s Visage Custom Palette lets you choose the blushes and/or shadows that belong in your arsenal. The palette has a magnetic backing, providing total freedom for you to create a unique arrangement that suits your style, and is filled only with meaningful colors.

Create your own ‘Visage’ by choosing from a selection of 2 Blushes and 18 Eyeshadows.


Blush Perfect blush is available as our ‘artist’ color. This is a lavish and bold color that may be used to enhance and define your face. Use this to add shade or brighten for a picture-perfect finish.

Matte Blush is available as our ‘natural’ color. It is a light pink that is fabulous for contouring and adding color to your face. Apply as necessary for a smooth finish that doesn’t look dry or flat! Apply more to add boldness or apply less for a lighter finish!


Bold Effect
The selection of our ‘Bold Effect’ Eyeshadows is perfect for those that would like to be bold and daring. Be confident and stunning by giving your eyes the utmost radiance.

The ‘Matte’ Eyeshadows are complex and longer lasting matte eyeshadows. Created with high pigment density, it lets you blend with ease to add intensity and drama. Works wet or dry.

Metallic Velvet
Glow with our ‘Metallic Velvet’ Eyeshadow! Its’ smooth and soft texture allows you to apply in just a swipe!

Super Silky
The ‘Super Silky’ eyeshadow available in our ‘cobalt’ colour is a stylish and silky shadow. It gives you a beautiful, rich and long-lasting finish!

Get creative, feel bold, and keep letting that natural beauty shine through!